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  • Peter Elkins

    Peter Elkins

    Accomplished serial entrepreneur and community economic development thought leader bringing a dynamic and insightful mind to tough social and economic issues.

  • Heather-Lynn Remacle

    Heather-Lynn Remacle

    Slow to judge, quick to suppose: truth and alternatives I’m keen to expose. Open by default. How can I help? https://bit.ly/32Fmz2l

  • Ni Putu Dani

    Ni Putu Dani

    An observant giving a point of view towards everyday’s spatial conundrum

  • Kerry Slavens

    Kerry Slavens

  • Chuck Wolfe

    Chuck Wolfe

    Author Charles R. Wolfe founded the London-based Seeing Better Cities Group to improve the conversation around how cities grow and evolve across the world.

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